Author Topic: A story behind "Triple Star Special School"  (Read 5176 times)

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A story behind "Triple Star Special School"
« on: August 29, 2018, 02:17:12 AM »
A story behind "Triple Star Special School"

Name: Farjana Naznin Jhorna
Occupation : Housewife

"Ms. Naznin" An Invincible courageous mother. I think, all the mothers are Invincibles.
indomitable. Nevertheless some body's struggle is distinctive. After marriage, every couple waits awaitly for their first issue (child) and they have to undergo with great patience. Naznin-Kamrul couple got their awaited child for the time being but they didn't know their first child would be special child, retarded one & they experienced the harsh reality. l After having birth from 6/7 months , when their child was not responding like another children, then a doubt sorrounded on her mind. Moreover her child was not behaving like usual children. Doctor ensured that their child is ' Special child' that was affected. From that time the mother's struggle has been initiated. That female child was growing up. She realised that its behaviour would be different like autistic.
Nevertheless mother waited for hearing the sweet call " mother" in a golden morning. Perhaps it wants something from her and she adored her from the core of her heart. In this application is far more applicable than anything in the world!!

Days go by but waiting still exists. There is no visible reasonable behaviour on her baby's activities. In that connection , 7 years went by. The mother Najnin didn't listen the calling " Mom" but she is the most courageous mother in the world.
After passing 7 years , Najnin became pregnant again. The most uttering thing was that she was going to breed twin baby. At one side, happy was there on the other hand, anxiety and fear  and was  filled  her mind. She prayed to Almighty that her child would be a heathy and normal one.
In right time, two twin baby were born haing usual, beautiful, decent and devine face. Then
She had a great intention to listen the "Mom" call as she was deprived from her first issue.
After doing routine check-up by the doctor, he assured Najnin as she had borne twin normal children. Nothing to worry about and there is no possibility of becoming Special child like previous one.

After passing more three months, Najnin couple had an another strong doubt that their twin children are also disabled / retarded .
Having got birth they didn't scream at all. They did a little meekly sound. As she had a prior bitter experience, so she went to doctor to consult. After diagnosis, she utterly noticed that her twin baby were also Autistic.

She was no more option to think, she imagined that nothing could act beside her.
Their mind was full of grief. They thought nothing. All were unpredictables. Only Allah knows how much agony they bore! How much pain they had! A harsh reality appeared before them.

Time went by.
Her first child name is Hridi.
Her age is 14.
Another Twin baby is 7 years old. They were extremely cute and their
name are: Rothi & Rethi
She was disappointed not to hear Mom after giving birth three children. This pain is beyond the description. Never ever.

I myself visited that place. It was stunning. How far courage and patience , she was nurshing these three children. We who lead a normal life cant just imagine.

I was wondering that time , "Mou Apu" of Lab was along with me. We went there to make a documentary on her struggling charecter for nurshing the children.

When we were returning from there, we thought ourselves as a petty one, little ,very little one. We noticed that this woman bore as if she were a light women who neglecting all happiness on her.
We bow down our head with deep respect observing her dedication and patience.
We salute her for her unparalleled struggle.
We salute her courage and experience.

Almighty will hear her application some day. Najnin will able to listen that sweet call MOM one-day. Her children will ask her to buy them at least a toy. We pray for the golden day.

Its a matter of hope that The Chairman of Daffodil Family Mr. Md Sabur khan Sir, came forward to assist  that woman who was struggling with extreme courage , dedication and devine patience.

Honorable Chairman of the Daffodil Family  assured her to finance and logistic support to build a special kind of School where autistic children will get adoration and proper nursing named "Triple Star Special School".

On this connection, the day before a cheque was hand over for financing home rent on behalf of Daffodil Institute of Social Sciences and this cheque was handed over to Najnin by our Honourable Treasurer Mr Hamidul Haque khan sir

Very soon we will reveal a pictorial documentary on Special School before you. We hope that along with her courage, Ms. Naznin will also emerge as a successful Entrepreneur.

(Courtesy to create report: Farhana Haque)
কারো মত নয় আমরা হবো যার যার মত। প্রতিজন "আমি" হবো এক একটি আদর্শ। জীবন একটিই। সময় অত্যন্ত সংক্ষিপ্ত। নিজেকে প্রমান করার এবং ভালো কাজ করার এখনই সময়।