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Life is Beautiful
« on: July 15, 2018, 11:42:04 PM »
Life can be a significant signature of good living if one desires

Life is a distinctive blessing of Almighty. Life can be charming, outstanding and meaningful if one has a strong morality, sense of good living as well as a good sense of benevolence for humanity.  If one does welfare for the mankind, he solely feel honored and pleased from the core of heart. No need to get appreciation from others, it is much needed a good intention to do well for others, then it would be brighter signature in the society. Out of this great initiative, KISS-DISS has been undersigned to do a unique effort to make manpower to join in the national development. It has to be done for the orphans, street children, underprivileged one who don't get hope from the society. Considering this crisis, DISS has come forward and extended it's helping hand to make them fully equipped in education and skills. They will rather get accommodation support from DISS. 

In our university, we feel proud as we already run a unique course named Art of Living and Art of Giving which already has achieved fame in national as well as across the borders.
Our life is fully dominated by responsibilities. Our Daffodil University is doing some unique things in Bangladesh.  No other University is as proactive as DIU. Only this University has made a courage in building workforce through DISS. This institution is linked with another famous institution KISS in India.
We have an intention to do better in helping the underprivileged children but have no way to provide them successfully. In this area, DIU is going to undergo hard labor to make DISS to be fruitful for underprivileged children.

Now, I would like to share a painful experience in my life:

One day when I didn't join in DIU, I was taking meal in a restaurant near a hospital. I noticed that a young child was serving food to me. While I taking food there, I heard that the manager was randomly rebuking this child with the misunderstanding with the manager as he told 275 Tk but the manager heard 175 Tk. that's why he got punishment from the manager. In the meantime the boy was serving food to me. I have seen his mental agony but still he was doing his respective job. I asked him why he was doing that odd job. He told me that his father had been missed for a long time. They have four brothers and sisters. His mother was also working as domestic workers but it was not enough to bear his educational expenses and residential expenses. But he expressed his desire to study.
On that day, I was determined to do for the working children. It was beyond my imagination that when I came contact with DIU and Chairman Sir Mr. Sabur Khan, I couldn't believe my eyes that he involved me such a job which is not at all a job moreover the works for humanity and myself.

Through DISS, we can set a hope of light for the underprivileged children where they can build themselves to be educated, accommodated and skilled to lead a decent life.

We are leading towards a better world where no underprivileged children will be ill fated.
কারো মত নয় আমরা হবো যার যার মত। প্রতিজন "আমি" হবো এক একটি আদর্শ। জীবন একটিই। সময় অত্যন্ত সংক্ষিপ্ত। নিজেকে প্রমান করার এবং ভালো কাজ করার এখনই সময়।