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Souhardo Children Festival - 2018
« on: November 21, 2018, 10:00:55 PM »
Maybe we never think that how much lucky we are in this world that we have loving parents, we always get all kinds of facilities to live a comfortable life but the distressed children of our society don't get the same opportunity for their bad luck. Though they also have the right to lead a beautiful life on this earth.

DISS always try to give them these opportunities. Its continuation like previous year, SOUHARDO has also organized the nice program named "World Children's Day- 2018 cooperated by Daffodil Institute of Social Sciences (DISS) in this year also. Total 70 distressed children and 50 Volunteers have participated in this program. Professor Dr. Yousuf Mahbubul Islam; Honorable Vice-Chancellor, Daffodil International University was also present in this program.

Today the children have spent their time according to their own way. They have played, have sung and danced in this program. It seems that today was their dream day. DISS wants to make special their every single day of their life not only one day in a year. DISS will work with these disadvantaged children in near future InshahAllah! Cause only children can enlighten society as well.

Thanks to Mr. Md. Sabur khan Sir, Honorable Chairman of Daffodil Family for giving the heartiest support to make this program meaningful.
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কারো মত নয় আমরা হবো যার যার মত। প্রতিজন "আমি" হবো এক একটি আদর্শ। জীবন একটিই। সময় অত্যন্ত সংক্ষিপ্ত। নিজেকে প্রমান করার এবং ভালো কাজ করার এখনই সময়।